Library Closed

The library experienced a burst pipe on Monday, January 17th, causing water damage to parts of the first floor of the Library. For the... more ››


Community Connect Service

We are always looking for ways to better serve the citizens in Salisbury. For this reason, the Fire Department is rolling out a new program... more ››


Burning Season/Burn Permits

Burning Season starts January 15th and runs until May 1st. Residents are asked to activate their permit for each day they wish to have a... more ››

face mask

Mask Requirement in Public Buildings

In an effort to prevent the spread of the Omicron COVID-19 variant and in the interest of employee safety, we will be asking the public to... more ››

nomination papers

Nomination Papers for the 2022 Annual Town Election Available January 12, 2022

Nomination Papers for the May 10, 2022 Town Election will be available at the Town Clerk's Office starting January 12, 2022.Papers will be... more ››


Upcoming COVID-19 & Booster Shot Clinics

Lower Merrimack Valley Regional Collaborative Clinics - (Ages 5+)Monday, Jan. 3rd, 5 pm-8:30 pm, West Newbury Annex - ... more ››


Recycling Passes and Holiday Hours

 Recycling Passes are now on sale at the Town Clerks Office or can be purchased online.  Please... more ››


Lafayette/True Road Intersection

As our contractor works on constructing a large pump station as part of the Lafayette Road sewer project, there will be times when the... more ››


Coastal Trails Thank You Event Pictures

The Town of Salisbury and Coastal Trails Coalition held a Thank You Event to recognize the contributions of the many individuals and... more ››


Electricity Aggregation Update

In May of this year, the Town Manager signed a three year renewal, 2022 through 2024, with First Point Power to obtain electricity for the... more ››


Upcoming Salisbury COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics

The following was updated on 12/3/21 to include new vaccination clinic dates. These clinics are open to all members of the public. 


Arts and Cultural Initiative

Do you want more public art and cultural events and opportunities in Salisbury?


Conservation Commission Members Needed

The Conservation Commission is in need of new members who have an interest in serving their community and making good decisions regarding... more ››


MassDOT Paving of Route 1

MassDOT will be holding a public information meeting regarding the paving of Route 1 in Salisbury.To see the whole meeting notice,... more ››


Schoolhouse Lane One-Way Change

On September 13, 2021, the Salisbury Board of Selectmen voted to make Schoolhouse Lane one-way eastbound, with access only from Lafayette... more ››


Ipswich Offering Third Dose Vaccine

Update 10/27/2021 - Ipswich clinics have now expanded their hours and will be held from 1-6 pm. Updated 9/24/2021... more ››


Pedestrian Hawk Signal Information

The MassDOT would like to raise awareness of the new Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon otherwise known has the HAWK signal.

ribbon cutting

Rail Trail Ribbon Cutting Pictures

On August 17th at Lion's park, Salisbury Town officials welcomed Transportation Secretary Jamey Tesler, Highway Administrator Jonathan... more ››


Speed Bump Installation

On Wednesday, August 18, temporary speed bumps will be installed on True Road, Eleventh Street, and Commonwealth Avenue. These speed bumps... more ››


Salisbury CDBG Petition

The Town of Salisbury is applying for the 2021 CDBG Grant to obtain funding for the Meaders Lane Neighborhood Infrastructure Project, Boys... more ››