Wastewater Division

Mission Statement

Efficient operation of entire treatment works including:

  • Treatment Plant: Process building, screening rack, aeration system, 5 & 7 million gallon lined lagoons, 8 rapid infiltration sand filters, 4 ultraviolet disinfection units and outfall.
  • Pumping stations: Operation and maintenance of 17 pumping stations across town. Major components include pumps, telemetry, check valves, floats, transponders, compressors, dialers and various electrical components.
  • Collection System: Inspection of hookups, distribution of lateral locations to contractors, drawings of as built, inspection of plans for potential developments, assistance in various aspects of engineering and planning.


Daily operation of the treatment works include a wide array of responsibilities. A plant check is performed daily that includes documenting daily flows, hours of operation on various pieces of equipment, weather, rainfall, and power usage. Samples are collected at various sample points throughout the treatment process. These samples are analyzed and documented for reporting purposes. Adjustments and changes to the treatment process are made from this information.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Jeffery Ingalls Chief Operator (978) 465-4058
Jay Sinton Asst. Chief / Lab Technician (978) 465-4058
Linwood White Mechanic (978) 465-4058
Paul Smolak Heavy Equipment Operator (978) 465-4058