Charter and Bylaws

Salisbury's Town Charter, Bylaws and Regulations are now available on the Internet on the "E-Code" site.

Please click here for the most updated Bylaws and Regulations

The E-Code is updated annually. Bylaws and regulations adopted since the latest E-Code update are posted on the webpage of the appropriate Town board or department. Additional infomation is available on the following webpages: Planning Board and Conservation Commission.

The e-code site provides two ways to view the e-code:

  • The standard view contains interactive and graphic representations and therefore requires more memory and processing power. Click here for standard view of the E-Code site for Salisbury.
  • The basic view provides text formatted list requires less system resources. Click here for standard view of the E-Code site for Salisbury.

E-Code Disclaimer Notice

The Codes and other documents that appear on this site are provided for informational purposes and may not reflect all the legislation adopted by the municipality. In any instance of a discrepancy between this version and other official version and/or the underlying legislation, the official legislation shall be considered definitive.