Winter Storm Information

Sanding & Plowing Operations

The Salisbury Department of Public Works is responsible for sanding and plowing more than 50 miles of streets (150 streets), 4 municipal parking lots, schools, 6 municipal facilities, and approximately 5 miles of sidewalk. Main streets, collector streets, and schools receive priority attention. Cul-de-sac, dead-ends, and unpaved roads are secondary.

During snowstorms, the streets are made passable as quickly as possible. When the storm abates, the plow operators "widen out" all streets by pushing the accumulated snow back to the curb line and clearing the intersections.

Property owners are requested to ensure that snow is not plowed from their driveways into a Town street.

Sidewalk Clearing

Whenever there is a snowstorm of 3" or greater, the Town of Salisbury will plow approximately 3 miles of sidewalk located in the center of town, Broadway Mall (beach center) and the Elementary School.

Residents are strongly encouraged to shovel the walks adjacent to their property to ensure safe pedestrian passage. The best way to encourage neighbors to shovel their walks is to set an example by shoveling one’s own.


From December 1st through April 1st overnight parking on Town streets is prohibited during a snow emergency. Should the need arise, winter parking is available in the Town's municipal parking lot located at 228 Beach Road. Residents should park in the metered spaces only. 

Snow Emergencies

Advance notice of the beginning and end of all snow emergencies will be given via an announcement on the Town’s Code Red (reverse-911) system and will be disseminated via the DPW and Police Dept. social media sites.  During declared snow emergencies, no vehicles may be parked on public streets, so that snow plowing operations may be conducted in a safe and timely manner.

Following the end of a snow emergency, vehicles may be parked on the street as long as they do not interfere with safe vehicular traffic and access by emergency vehicles, including police, fire and ambulance service.  Vehicles blocking or impeding safe vehicular traffic will be subject to ticketing and towing by the Police Department.

Parking in the small municipal beach parking lot along Cable Avenue will continue to be available to Town residents throughout the winter. 

The Police Dept. non-emergency phone number (978-465-3121) will be available 24 hours per day for anyone who has questions about the Town’s winter on-street parking policy.

Catch Basins and Fire Hydrants

There are approximately 700 catch basins in Salisbury. Residents can help avoid potential problems by clearing catch basins so that melting snow can run off, and by shoveling out nearby fire hydrants for public safety.

Hints for Coping with Winter Storms

In most cases, it is best to pile snow to the right of the driveway (as you face the street) to reduce the potential of having it re-deposited at the driveway opening when the plow passes.

When plowing or shoveling out driveways, snow should be kept on the owner’s property. It should not be plowed onto the street, or across the street onto a neighbor’s sidewalk.

To avoid having to do the job twice, shovel the sidewalk after the storm has passed and the street has been cleared.

Older residents and persons with cardiovascular problems should consult a physician before shoveling snow.

Be Patient

Whether it is your driveway or the sidewalk for which you are responsible, or the more than 50 miles of roadway that the DPW is responsible for, snow clearance is an arduous and time consuming job. Please be patient. All streets will be cleared and all problems will be responded to as expeditiously as possible.

Please understand that the Town is not able to shovel wind rows from your driveway which may be left by a snow plow, nor may a Town vehicle plow private property.


Be aware that activities such as sliding into roadways, tunneling in snow banks, and children playing near shoulder ways and streets can create a very dangerous situation. Please supervise your children’s activities to help keep them safe.


Please contact your local emergency agency if the need arises:

Police - 465-3121
Fire - 465-3631

They will ensure the proper people and or departments will be contacted to address your concerns.

Public information pertaining to winter storms may be directed to DPW personnel at (978) 462-7611.