Water Information

The Town of Salisbury has switched to quarterly billing for WATER starting July 2022
The first quarterly bill you will receive from the Town will be dated 7/26/2022 and will be due on 8/25/2022.

This bill will be for usage from the last billing cycle on the invoice you received from Pennichuck Water Company in April through June.

Bill Payment Options
Make checks payable to the Town of Salisbury
*Pay online at www.salisburyma.gov.
(Follow this link to view the online payment guide for City Hall systems https://www.salisburyma.gov/water-division)

*Pay in person at the Tax Collector's Office

*Place your payment in the Town Hall Drop Box, located at the side door entrance to Town Hall.

*Pay by phone by calling 508-381-5454

*Remit payment by mail to: Town of Salisbury, PO Box 534, Medford, MA 02155-0006


The billing schedule can be viewed by following this link: https://www.salisburyma.gov/water-division

If you have additional questions, contact us at 978-465-1430 or watersewer@salisburyma.gov

Estimated Water Readings

If your water bill has an estimated reading, please contact the Water Department:
Phone: 978-465-1430
Some reasons for an estimated bill:
Meter not reading 
No access to meter 
To correct these issues we may need to schedule a technician to come out and inspect and/or replace the meter.

Consumer Confidence Report
The 2022 Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) is now available online at www.salisburyma.gov/CCR.pdf.
Hard copies of the CCR may be requested by calling 978-465-1430 or via email at watersewer@salisburyma.gov.

Information on Seasonal Water Meters
 Seasonal meters must be installed in the spring and removed each fall. When the meter is removed in the fall, it is stored in a temperature controlled environment to prevent from freezing. Please note that water meters always have water in them. Please contact the water department to make your installation and removal appointments. Phone: 978-465-1430 Email: watersewer@salisburyma.gov