Wastewater Services


Sampling and testing is done on a daily basis. All personnel are trained to some degree on proper lab analysis of samples collected. Lab data collected throughout the month is logged into a Data-Stream program that will compile monthly data for reporting to various State and Federal agencies.

Pumping Stations

Pumping stations are routinely checked for proper operation. Plant personnel do most repair work. Repairs include electrical components, telemetry repair and setup, piping and valves, seal replacement on various sizes and brands of pumps as well as grounds maintenance. Most pumping stations have automatic dialers that will call an answering service in case of a breakdown. Plant personnel will then be informed of the problem and respond accordingly.

Sewer Hookups

Plant personnel are responsible for all sewer hookups in town. A simple application with appropriate payment is required. There is a list of licensed contractors who are available to do this work. A fee of $350 is required on all applications with the exception of homes that are part of Contract #95-1. After the work is completed, the contractor is responsible for the abandonment of the existing septic system. We then will inspect and measure the job, make a drawing or as built of the work and file. A copy is then sent to the billing department. For a commercial property, measurements of the building itself may be necessary.

Collection System

Plant personnel also maintain the collection system. Normal operation of piping is checked on a routine basis. Problem areas are checked more frequently. An emergency phone number is listed in the phone book in case of a residential back-up. Upon receiving a call, the main line is checked and it is determined where the problem is. If it is a main line clog, we will clear it and inform the resident(s) of the problem. If it is found to be within the resident's plumbing or piping we will alert the homeowner, and suggest they contact local plumbing contractors.


Reporting all plant, lab, and collection system data is done at least monthly. The DEP and EPA are the main agencies to which reports are sent. Vouchers to various vendors are generated from this office as well. The annual budget for the enterprise fund is also worked on and submitted to the DPW for evaluation and final approval by the director.


Customer quarterly sewer enterprise fund bills are based on a flat rate fee of $120.00 per quarter/per EQR (effective 1-1-15). EQR ( Equivalent Residential Unit) is a value applied to each parcel of land.