Power Aggregation Program Update

plug plant

The Town and its electricity aggregation consultant, Colonial Power Group, are happy to announce that Salisbury residents who had previously opted out of the Town’s “Community Choice” aggregation program may re-join or join the Town’s program at a market rate of 19.5 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh), effective immediately.  To do so, customers should contact Colonial Power by calling (508) 485-5858 or by logging onto the company’s website at www.colonialpowergroup.com.  Click on “Our Communities” and find the link to Salisbury’s program, where up-to-the minute info is posted.

The Town has locked in a rate of 11.134 cents per kWh for electricity supply from now until mid-2025, but when National Grid announced that its Basic Rate for supply was going to 33.891 cents per kWh in the late fall of 2022, many local customers found themselves at a disadvantage because they were once in the program but chose to opt out and could not opt back in.   However, the situation has changed since that time, and because of new developments in the utility markets, the Town’s electricity supplier, First Point Power, is able to offer a lower market rate of 19.5 cents per kWh right now. 

National Grid’s rate will change on May 1, 2023, so customers may want to check back in April to compare the 19.5 cents rate to National Grid’s new rate to determine what their best option for electricity supply is going forward.