Jak-Len Drive, Bayberry Lane, and Lafayette Road Sewer


The Town of Salisbury has recently substantially completed construction of a new sewer main that fronts your property. Each property along the new main has been serviced with a stub which extends from the sewer main in the street to each property line.  The Department of Public Works has officially opened your street for connections to this new sewer main.  A list of Connection Procedures is enclosed, along with a list of Drain Layers licensed by the Town of Salisbury to install sewer connections.

There are two (2) types of sewer fees, all of which are charged to all Salisbury property owner(s) for connection to the municipal sewer system.  The first fee is the Betterment Assessment, which is collected to cover the capital costs of constructing the project.  This fee will be established by the Board of Selectmen within 6 months of the certification of the final cost of the new sewer system.  Once this fee is set, the Town of Salisbury will be mailing property owners a Betterment Assessment. The Betterment Assessment can be paid in full up front or can be apportioned over 20 years and added, with interest, onto your third quarter property tax bill.

The second fee is the Sewer Access Fee, which is collected at the time of connection to offset the costs of future capital improvement projects required for the sewer collection system and wastewater treatment plant as a result of increased flows through the system. 

Once you are connected to the sewer system, you will be charged on a quarterly basis for sewer user charges.  The current sewer user charge is a flat fee of $120 per quarter per Equivalent Residential Unit (EQR).  A single-family home is equal to one (1) EQR.  Commercial/Industrial user fees are to be determined by DPW personnel, and are based upon the formulas shown in the Town’s “Sewer User Fee: EQR Schedule.”

The Town’s bylaw governing the use of public sewers, Article IV, Section 1, strictly prohibits the discharge of any stormwater, surface water, ground water, roof runoff, subsurface drainage, sump pump discharge, uncontaminated cooling water, etc.  into any sanitary sewers. Violations of this bylaw will be subject to fines of up to $5,000 per day for each violation.

If you choose not to connect to the sewer system at the present time, the only fee for which you will be responsible is the Betterment Assessment.  The other fees will be assessed at the time of the connection.  If a property owner’s existing septic system is determined to be failing, in order to protect public health, safety, welfare or the environment, as set forth in 310 CMR 15.303(1) or 15.304(1), the owner or operator shall abandon all such systems in accordance with 310 CMR 15.354 and the buildings served by any failing septic systems shall be connected to the Town’s sewer system.

The Town of Salisbury is pleased to complete this sewer project and open the new main for all connections.  


Other relevant sewer information and forms: https://www.salisburyma.gov/wastewater-department/pages/online-forms