DPW Administration

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NOTE: Effective July 5, 2004, applicants for public water/sewer service are required to pay an access fee to the Town of Salisbury. This requirement applies to residential, commercial, industrial and all other types of new customers and to those who increase water usage /sewer flows through additional or larger water/sewer connections. The fee must be paid to the Town of Salisbury Collector prior to receipt of a Certificate of Use and Occupancy (COO) when these certificates are required or upon installation of a sewer connection and/or a new water meter and water service turn-on when COO’s are not required. Temporary service connections may not require payment of an access fee.

For a determination of water and sewer access fees, contact (978-465-4058) Jeff Ingalls or Kevin Wholley at the Town of Salisbury Wastewater Treatment Plant.