State Primary Election-Tuesday, September 4th


The State Primary will be held at the Hilton Senior Center on Tuesday, September 4th from 7am-8pm.

The voter registration deadline is August 15th: 9am-4pm at the Town Clerk's Office and 4pm-8pm at the Police Station.

Absentee Voting is available, for more information on absentee voting  please  click here.

Primary Elections: members of political parties may vote only in their own party's primary elections. Unenrolled voters (commonly referred to as "Independents") and members of political designations or minor parties may vote in the party primary of their choice. Choosing to vote in a particular party's primary does NOT enroll you as a member of that party.

To see if you are registered to vote, or where to vote or who is on the ballot please go to the Secretary of State's website: