1.3 Community Assistance/Resources

For those in need of assistance, please see the below resources that may be of help to you during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Neighbors Table Food Pantry

194 Main St., Amesbury, MA 01913

Grab and Go bags currently available with curb pickup, online ordering or phone ordering. Please call 978-388-1907 to arrange for a pick up or go to their website at www.ourneighborstable.org.  If you need assistance call Emily Thompson at the Salisbury Senior center at 978-462-2412. Senior Center staff will register you and place your order for group pick-up. Senior Center staff will also be available for light pick-up in some situations.

Pettengill House

13 Lafayette Rd., Salisbury, MA 01952

The Pettengill House is a food pantry that can be utilized by people in need. They are opened Tuesdays and you must register in advance by calling 978-463-8801.

SNAP Benefits (Food Stamps Program)

SNAP benefits can be reinstated or applied for by senior center staff. If you would like to apply, please call the center at 978-462-2412.

Meals on Wheels (MOW)

Meals on Wheels are still delivering fresh meals to the homes of people in need. If you would like MOW, please call 800-892-0890 and they will arrange delivery for you.

Grocery Stores

Most grocery stores, including Stop & Shop and Market Basket are offering reserved hours that are just for seniors and those with compromised immune systems. These populations are encouraged to take advantage of these special hours to get the items they need.

Hilton Senior Center (Council on Aging)

43 Lafayette Rd., Salisbury, MA 01952

The Salisbury Senior Center staff is still working and providing services to the public. If you need assistance, please call 978-462-2412. Below is a list of services that the Senior Center is still providing residents:

  • Transportation: Limited transportation, 2 individuals per ride, can be given to seniors who need a ride to shopping centers. Staff members can assist in a limited capacity when shopping.
  • Doctor's Appointments: assistance can be given to seniors who have critical doctors appoints for serious conditions (cardiac care, eye conditions, pain appointments, etc.). In urgent situations, the Senior Center may be able to provide a staff person to provide transportation to a doctors appointment. Seniors are encouraged to call doctor's office ahead of time as most doctor's offices are rescheduling most appointments.
  • Medication: The Senior Center will pick up prescriptions from CVS in Salisbury and bring your medication directly to your homes.
  • Isolation: The Senior Center is making regular calls to seniors to check in on them. However, if you are feeling isolated or would just like someone to talk to a couple times a week, the Hilton Senior Center will have a staff member call you. 
  • Activities: In some cases, the Hilton Senior Center may be able to drop-off games or puzzles to your home if needed.