LED Mini-Retrofit


In early July, the Town of Salisbury will be initiating a mini-retrofit of street lights. Earlier this year, the Town requested a street light audit to be done so that in the future the Town could potentially buy our street lights from National Grid and retrofit those lights, town-wide, with efficient LED lighting. During the audit, our auditor LightSmart, brought up the 18 lights that the Town owns by Salisbury Beach. These lights, mounted on 9 metal poles that sit in the median on Broadway and at the end of Beach Road, could be retrofitted with LED lights at no cost to the Town. The amount of lights, being small in quantity, could be retrofitted using just the rebate that National Grid provides through the purchase of energy efficient technology. The Town of Salisbury agreed and moved forward with this idea. Retrofitting these lights will save the Town as much as 65% in costs and improve visibility for pedestrians and drivers. This creates an environment that is safer and more enjoyable for all. Look for the new LED lights by Salisbury Beach to be up and running in the coming weeks.