DRC Submittal Guidelines

Design Review Committee Documents to be Submitted

All documents are to be submitted in triplicate at least two weeks in advance of the DRC meeting to allow time for preliminary review prior to the meeting.

Provide contact information to enable requests for additional information prior to the meeting.

  1. Design narrative addressing the manner in which the project conforms to each of the Overlay Guildelines.
  2. Well developed drawings of site work and buildings.  Include detailed floor plans, sections and elevations.  Drawing are to present full expression to the committee of the intent and nature of the project.
  3. A colored rendering depicting as accurately as possible the architectural character, materials, and site improvements of the project.
  4. An outline spec of all the materials used on the exterior of the structure, i.e., siding, trim, windows, doors, roofing, railings, awnings, exterior lighting, etc.  Samples or catalog cuts should be included.
  5. In the event that some materials have not been selected, the applicant must submit adequate details of the construction to show that the character of the project is consistent with the intent of the Beach Overlay District zoning by-law (Salisbury Zoning Bylaw 2005, Section XE).
  6. A discussion of the image, commercial or recreational activities, streetscape and other aspects of the project intended to enhance the experience and character of the Beach District.

The Committee will vote on the submission and convey its decision and report to the Planning Board.  The materials above will be a part of the project approval.  The Planning Board would then have the responsibility for monitoring the final plans and actual construction for compliance with our approvals.