Salisbury Emergency Management Agency

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Our Mission is to assist the Town of Salisbury and its residents to lesson the impact of natural disasters, Catastrophic incidents by implementing a Comprehensive All Hazards Emergency Management Plan to assist and advise the Community in case of emergency. To protect the lives of our residents in the event of a disaster through mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery activities.



Salisbury Emergency Management Agency Duties

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The Salisbury Emergency Management is responsible for various duties associated with public safety in the Town of Salisbury. Those duties include working closely with the other public safety agencies in the community as well as other emergency Management Agencies in the area.

We plan and respond to all catastrophic events including flooding, hurranices, tornados, major snow storms, ice storms, etc. On going planning is part of the responibilities that are assigned to this agency.

In the event a shelter is needed it is set up and staffed by personnel from the emergency management agency with the assistance of the Red Cross.

We work closely with both the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency as well as the Federal Emergency Management Agency in planning, responding to events, disaster recovery efforts, as well as training.

We work on planning as well as regular training foe events related to the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant including regular table top exercises.

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