Street Maintenance & Construction Schedules-2018

Street Maintenance Program

Scope of Work:

Consists of shim and/or overlay existing streets with 1 ½" compacted asphalt, installed in place with tack coat, replace or repair structures as needed, saw cut adjoining transitional joints, provide street sweeping & traffic control.

2018 Street Paving Schedule:

12th Street West: From Carter Ave to 12th Street West 

Seabrook Road (top coat)

*The Public Works reserves the right to change or alter this schedule at any time. 

Construction Program

Scope of Work:

The program includes but is not limited to roadway profiles, sidewalks, repair and replace asphalt, install/repair and replace water/sewer lines and drainage as needed. It also includes, but is not limited to the maintenance, repair and or replacement of municipal facilities.

2018 Sidewalk/Roadway Construction:

Washington & Hayes Street : 

The project proposes to improve pedestrian safety by incorporating 5-foot cement concrete sidewalks with granite curbing along one side of the project roadways. The proposed sidewalks will be located along the westerly side of Hayes Street and along the northern side of Washington Street. 

Work will also include:

  • Drainage Improvements
  • Roadway Resurfacing 

For more information regarding this project, please contact Lisa Pearson, Town Planner, at 978-463-2266. 

*The Public Works reserves the right to change or alter this schedule at any time.